Big Stick Productions, the dream child of Tracy Merry-Thomson, was born in the summer of 2002.

Flashback to October 30, 2001. A fax arrives. No soothing phone call from a doctor, just a brutal, stark diagnosis on a sheet of paper: “possible MS”.

By Christmas, she was using a cane or wheelchair and was no longer employable, as a result of progressive relapsing multiple sclerosis, the most severe form of the disease. Instead of becoming fixated on her own illness, Tracy began thinking about other MS sufferers in similar situations. While Big Stick Productions operates a website focusing on MS awareness, including an online support group called “MS Chat”, its latest weapon against the disease is a little more fashionable. Tracy recoiled at the utilitarian bleakness of the selection during her first trip to purchase a cane. Her only colour choice was what she describes as “handicap grey’.

Paint and covering canes in jewelry soon gave way to colourful cloth covers, complete with a two-way zipper, which allows them to be attached with one hand. The creations can be customized to match any outfit. “People used to look at my cane and become uncomfortable,” she says, “now they look into my eyes and smile.”,

After completing an exhaustive search of the internet and patents, Tracy realized her cane covers were one-of-a-kind and decided to share her fashion secret with the world as “Big Stick Coats”. Big Stick Coats start at $40 for a basic design, increasing with the level of complexity.

Profits from Big Stick Productions are generously donated to the pursuit for the cure for MS.

We Guarantee that you will Walk Taller!