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A Heartfelt Thank You!!!

Once again, our Bargain Bash was a Smashing Success.
Without the generosity and support of those in and around our fabulous community, this would not have been possible. Monies raised from our Bargain Bash will help someone, somewhere stand a little stronger, knowing research continues to forge ahead, and someday, we may find the answer to this dreadful condition.

To those of you kind enough to provide us inventory
What can we say other than Wow!!

To our corporate Sponsors –
   The Edmonton Caring Clowns
   Stang Motorsports
   CTV / CFRN Television
   ITV/ Global Television
   CFCW Radio
   Mr Lube
   The Dynamic Duo- Realty Executives
   Discount Vacuum Superstore
   West Edmonton Coin & Stamp
   William Huff Advertising
   Everfresh Drycleaners
   The Movie Gallery

To the numerous volunteers who gave without expectation – the sun shines a little brighter because of people like you!!

And Last but Certainly Not Least

To a few Very Important People:
Leanne Pilgrim- Chief of Everything!!!!! This fundraiser would not have happened without you– Thank You.
Barry White, Chief WiseGuy – You are Treasured, Thank You
Oliver Schoeninger, Chief Signmaker/ Installer/ Driver/ PriceGuy – A Golden Hammer to you our Friend, Thank You!!
David Lythgoe- Salesman Extraordinaire- busy, busy, in all aspects.
Paul Bergen- Chief Driver- drove a million miles..and back. Driven to help in everyway!!
Victoria Barth-Musician- Brought song in to our lives. Thank You.
Cecile Brend- Donation Queen-Thank You for being so generous every year!!

Click on the photo to view a larger version.


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