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Always file a tax return
Some credits are available even if you pay no tax!

Transfer your tax credits
If you have no tax payable, use a Schedule 2 form to transfer the credits to your (commonlaw) spouse, parent, even grandparent.

Lump all medical expenses on one return
Choose the spouse with the lowest income to get maximum benefit

Keep all medical bills
The portion not covered by private insurance or a government program, is an allowable medical expense

Air conditioning? Van? Moving? Renovations?
Yes, ALL of these items are covered. Air conditioning is covered up to 50% if prescribed by a health professional. If you are moving to accessible housing a portion of costs are covered. Also ask about tax credits for converting a van, renovating the house for wheelchair access, and even the cost of training course related to the care of dependent relatives. Ask for an IT 519R2 Medical Expense and disability tax credit and attendant care expense deduction

Claim for previous year
Write Revenue Canada giving your Social Insurance number and receipts to apply for past medical benefits.

Use your CPP disability to contribute to an RRSP
Up to 18% of your disability benefits can be contributed to your RSP

Importing specialty equipment
DON'T pay duty on any item you import or bring across the border that is designed for use by people with disabilities. To avoid the duty, specify Tariff item No. 9979.00.00 when you make your customs declaration.

Ask Revenue Canada for the booklet
"Information Concerning People with Disabilities"
RC4064(E) for more information or forms call
1-800-959-2221 or go to


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