Ask any neurologist… and you’ll be told stress makes MS worse.

Watch the warning signs!

  • EMOTIONAL – anger, lack of concentration, worry, sorrow

  • PHYSICAL – stooped posture, sweaty palms, extreme fatigue, weight changes

  • BEHAVIORAL – impulsive, over-reacting, increased use of alcohol, withdrawal

  • Do not experience H.A.L.T.:H-hungry

Look for the positive things in your life
Accept things you cannot control or change
Learn relaxation techniques

Eat well-balanced meals
Sleep and rest

RELAXATION TECHNIQUES Find a quiet spot, a comfy chair or sofa, and think if nothing but your breathing.
Deep breathe and mentally scan your body, notice all the muscles and tell them to ….relax!
Never underestimate the power of your mind!

Cognitive problems occur in half of MS patients. Short-term memory can be affected, and the ability to multi-task may be limited.

  • Start making lists for shopping or tasks, etc.
  • Use a calendar for appointments… but don’t forget to check it!
  • Try carrying a small pocket tape recorder for reminders through your day
  • Re-organize your desk and home to keep things in familiar places
  • Ask people to keep directions simple or better yet, right them down
  • Always ask for a business or calling card

(We’re NOT talking the environment here…)

The critical key is living with a new DOING-resting-DOING lifestyle!

  • Plan a rest period each day! (Not just bed-time)
  • Plan for days off
  • Ask yourself if the task at hand is critical now… or even at all?
  • Plan ahead. If you’re most powerful in the morning, make your DOING time early in the day and rest in the afternoon
  • Break up heavy work loads over several days
  • Make goals with small steps… you’ll still get there!
  • Ask for help… what are you SUPER(WO)MAN???

What is an MS attack?
It’s defined by the neurological community as an episode of worsening of MS symptoms, or NEW symptoms lasting at least 24 hours.

The 4 R’s of Attack Management
Rule out UTI (urinary tract infection)
‘Roids (steroids used only for disabling or painful attacks)

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