Hi. My name is Barry & I have (HSP) hereditary spastic parapaleyis all of my life leaving me using a cane or with the use of a wheelchair. I met Tracy Merry Thompson a few years ago & I wanted to help her, MS, mankind & maybe myself. I volunteer in many MS fundraisers with much success both financially for the society & my soul.

Because of my own disability & wanting to help others I can relate to the people who want some independence, comfort & safer bathing in their lives.

My 85 yr. old mother who had 3 major hip replacements was complaining of her pain getting in & out of her bathtub. After much investigating I made a opening in the step over bathtub wall allowing her safe access to her tub which reduced her pain significally & that was 5 yrs. & 200 units ago.

The bathtub cut includes my polly insert to finish & overlaps the opening which is 8 or 12” deep & 22” wide & also comes with a “placement door panel” so to close the opening for bathing. The unit is done in 3 hrs. on your existing bathtub with same day use & is very inexpensive. You can visit me at www.safeandeasybathing.com.

Thanks, Barry White