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All Big Stick coat originals are made in poly/cotton blends, which are washable and ensure a nice wrinkle free appearance.

Designed to fit all the various styles of canes, from the well-known classic styles, up to and including the quad cane.

The long 85cm. durable, 2-way zipper, allows you to easily manipulate with one hand. You will never have to fumble around joining parts together, to “start” the zipper. Just slip the Big Stick Coat on to the handle and zip down, without the aid of caretakers, family or friends.

Big Stick Coats are created for all ages in both masculine and feminine designs. All creations can be ordered in any of the Big Stick Coat Original colors: Black, Navy, Green, Cream, Red and Jean Pocket.

They are a more aesthetically pleasing cane to help you feel proud and walk taller with style and confidence while reducing the stigma of your handicap.

You will be a strong part in finding the cure for MS as all proceeds are donated to the MS Society.

We guarantee that you will “Walk Taller”!

Friends – That says it all!

Big Stick Coat Original
Style # : 3882A13